surprising, touching, magical

a performance experience where your stories come to life

Red Thread Playback Theatre invites you to experience the magic of deep listening & heart-driven performance.

At our shows, anyone (yes, anyone!) can share a moment from their day or a story from their life. We listen attentively, and then, with the goals of respecting and honoring the teller's story, we bring the story to life on the stage, instantly, as you sit back, watch, and witness the red threads of human existence that connect us all.

"Halloween" Zoom show 10/24/20 “Lots of laughs. A great experience!” – Audience member

"Silver Linings" Zoom show 9/26/20 "I think it's wonderful. And even though the stories aren't my own, I still feel so much more connected and tuned in with myself while watching you all." - Alvarro (audience member)

European Playback Theatre Gathering 9/5/20 - "It's amazing how gracefully the actors pull out the deeper themes of each story." - Heidi (audience member)

"Adventures of Summer" Zoom show 8/22/20 "A lovely performance! Such a good energy within the troop." - Sara (audience member)

"New Beginnings" Zoom show 6/13/20 "The actors are magical in their synchronicity and sensitivity." - Marc (audience member)

Show at The Historic Ute Theatre in Sagauche, CO 9/21/19 "I loved how well Red Thread works together and plays off of each other." - (Audience member)

“I enjoyed the spontaneity, vulnerability, and honesty.” - Kristine (audience member), 5/11/19 show

"You capture the "essence" of each story and make the mundane sacred." - Michelle (audience member), 6/15/19 show

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